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    Tips for Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Summer

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Summer is here, and that means it’s time to rinse off your bike and hit the open road. But while you certainly want your Harley-Davidson to look great this summer, you probably want it to perform great, too. Riding in the heat of the day can take its toll on your bike, especially if you’ve been neglected routine motorcycle maintenance up to this point. To make sure that your bike gets you to all of your summer destinations and back, here are some tips for getting it ready for warm weather riding.

    Check the Oil

    In order for your motorcycle to operate properly this summer, it is important that you maintain your bike’s engine oil. Run your motorcycle for a few minutes, then kill the engine and wait for the oil to settle. If the oil is low, add manufacturer recommended engine oil. And if the oil looks old or dirty, bring it to your Harley-Davidson dealer for an oil change.

    Inspect the Tires

    Before you hit the open, check your bike’s tires for cracks, wear, and damage. If you notice that your tires are cracking, bulging, or that the tread is worn down, consider replacing the tires before you embark on a long-distance trek. Also be sure to check the air pressure in each tire at least once a week.

    Test the Lights

    Turn your bike on and check all of the lights before you hit the road this summer. It’s already hard as it is for drivers to see motorcycle riders, so test the lights and make sure you are as visible as possible when riding at night. If any of the bulbs are burned out, replace them before you do any nighttime riding.

    For help keeping your bike in tip-top shape, bring it to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Our Service Department specializes in stock and high-performance Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our factory-trained technicians deliver the highest quality service, so you can trust that your Harley-Davidson is in capable hands. Visit our dealership in Lakewood, NJ, or call us today at (732) 719-3196 to schedule a service appointment

    Make a Statement on the 2014 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Harley-Davidson’s 2014 lineup features some of the best new motorcycles in the world. No matter what type of bike you’re looking for, you can find one you’ll love at your local Harley dealer. If you’re an easy-going free spirit, check out the 2014 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide. The ultimate combination of easy-riding, free-living 70’s chopper attitude and modern technology, the new Harley-Davidson Wide Glide will help you make a statement on the road. Here is a closer look at the new Wide Glide motorcycle.

    Authentic Styling

    The new Wide Glide’s retro feel and old school attitude will turn heads as you tear across the interstate this summer. Up front, beefy triple clamps and raked out forks set up the Wide Glide’s long, wide style. This stylish Harley-Davidson motorcycle also features an internally wired 1¼-inch bar with tall risers for a truly classic, old school look.

    Legendary Performance

    The 2014 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide is powered by the Twin Cam 103™. On the outside, this engine is a jewel machined out of metal. Black powder-coated heads and cylinders are highlighted by machined cooling fin tips and chrome rocker covers, giving it the classic Harley-Davidson look that has come to define the greatest motorcycles of our generation. The Twin Cam 103 also delivers stump pulling torque and lively throttle reaction, which you’ll appreciate when you’re climbing hills or passing other motorists on the road.

    Laid-Back Comfort and Handling

    The 2014 Wide Glide features a slammed low rear suspension that gives you a more laid-back riding position and style. You can also adjust the preload with a spanner wrench to match the suspension to your riding style. Add in a set of Michelin Scorcher™ tires and you’re in for the ride of your life.

    To get a closer look at the new Wide Glide, come to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Located in Lakewood, NJ, we are proud to offer the best prices on the best selection of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles in NJ and PA. Browse our inventory online, or call our Harley dealership today at (732) 719-3196. 

    Tips for Choosing a Helmet

    Last updated 3 months ago

    If you value your life, you wouldn’t think about riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Traumatic brain injuries can be debilitating, even fatal, so take every precaution to protect your head in the event of a collision. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has a standard that certifies helmet models that have passed rigorous laboratory testing, so look for the DOT sticker when shopping for a new helmet. Fit and comfort are equally important. Find a helmet that fits snugly but isn’t too tight or uncomfortable. Try on as many helmets as it takes to find one that fits correctly. 

    For Harley-Davidson parts, accessories, and gear in NJ, come to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. We have a large selection of genuine Harley-Davidson parts and accessories, and we can help you find the right gear to stay stylish and safe on the road. Visit our Harley-Davidson dealership in Lakewood, NJ, or call us at (732) 719-3196 to speak with one of our associates. 

    A Glance at the 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider®

    Last updated 4 months ago

    The motorcycle culture in America took off in the 1970’s, and the Harley-Davidson Low Rider was one of the reasons why. Now, the Low Rider is back, and the authentic 70’s style is bolder for modern day motorcycle enthusiasts. If you want to spend your life in the slow lane, stay home; if you want to experience life, ride the new Harley-Davidson Low Rider. Check out this clip from Harley-Davidson to see the 2014 Low Rider in action. 

    If you live near Lakewood, NJ, come to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County to test ride the 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider. We have a huge selection of new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and our staff is happy to answer your questions about any bike we carry. For additional information on the new Harley-Davidson Low Rider, call us today at (732) 719-3196. 

    Touring the Features of the SuperLow® 1200T

    Last updated 4 months ago

    If you like surprises, we suggest you visit your local Harley-Davidson dealer and get a closer look at the SuperLow 1200T. That’s because you’ve never seen so many big touring features packed into such a light, easy-handling machine. The newest member of the Sportster® family, the Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T packs full-on touring comfort and capability into a sleek, low riding Sportster motorcycle. Here is an overview of the 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow 1200T, now available at Harley-Davidson dealerships everywhere.

    Teardrop Fuel Tank

    The 4.5-gallon teardrop fuel tank means you’ve got plenty of gas for those long stretches between towns on your cross-country road trips. And thanks to classic lines, a smooth curve around the bottom edge, and its high mounted position, this fuel tank will turn heads while you cruise down the road to your next destination.

    Foundation Brake System

    Harley-Davidson is constantly striving to build the perfect motorcycle, and part of that quest involves improving a bike’s brakes. That’s why the new SuperLow 1200T features larger brake rotors and a more powerful, stylized front caliper with 34mm pistons. Other features, including an improved all-aluminum integrated rear master cylinder and stainless steel braided lines, combine to give you more confidence on the road and more predictability when you squeeze the brakes.

    Adjustable Rear Shocks

    The SuperLow 1200T is all about comfort, which is evident thanks to the all-new dial adjust emulsion shock and twin tube system. You can easily tune your suspension to match your riding style or to accommodate full saddlebags and a passenger without purchasing any special tools.

    Visit Harley-Davidson of Ocean County to test-ride the new 2014 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T. We are a leading Harley-Davidson dealer in NJ, and we offer the best deals on the best selection of new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the Tri-State area. Visit our website to browse our current inventory, or call us at (732) 719-3196 to request additional information. 

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