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    A Look at the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always conquered the urban world, but few make quite the same statement as the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 while doing it. The all-new 750 is a powerful and head-turning street bike from the motorcycle company that put American street bikes on the map, evoking the old-school cool of a 1970’s XLCR with its narrow stance and café racer inspired speed screen. Here is your first look at the upcoming Street 750 before it arrives at Harley-Davidson dealers nationwide.

    Low-Speed Maneuverability

    Low speeds are a true test of a rider’s skill and a motorcycle’s handling characteristics, especially for city bikes like the Street 750. Fortunately, the rake and trail angles on the front end of the new 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 are optimized for low-speed maneuverability. So whether you’re trying to find a spot to park on a busy street or making your way through tight alleys, the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 gives you a predictable ride and the confidence that comes with it.

    Specially-Tuned Shocks

    The Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycle features specially-tuned shocks for a smooth ride and excellent handling. These custom shocks are dialed in for the weight of the bike, the geometry of the frame, the position of the ride, and for the rough urban pavement you’re going to encounter every day.

    Fully Customizable Design 

    As strange as it may sound, the new Harley-Davidson Street 750 wasn’t designed to be completely finished when it rolls out of the factory. Instead, it was designed to be the ultimate platform for you to express your own custom style and attitude. Your Harley-Davidson dealer can show you a whole range of accessories for customizing your very own Street 750.

    Come to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County for additional information about the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750. Located in Lakewood, NJ, we are the leading Harley-Davidson dealer in the Tri-State area. Contact us online or call us today at (732) 719-3196 to learn more. 

    Quick Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle

    Last updated 9 days ago

    If you are just getting into the exciting adventure that is riding motorcycles, you might not know where to begin. It is important to get the right bike for your needs and your style. Here are a few quick tips for choosing a motorcycle.

    When you choose a new motorcycle, there are a few factors to consider. Do you want to own the roads right from the get-go? You may want to look into the Harley-Davidson Road King. This bike has a vintage look with modern luxuries like a high-quality suspension system and frame. If you want a motorcycle that gives off the sights, sounds, and vibes of experience, consider the Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide; although it is a factory bike, it gives off a custom impression. Plus, who can say no to a bike with a flame paint job?

    Harley-Davidson of Ocean County is proud to be New Jersey’s one stop shop for all of your Harley needs. You can find out more about our business by visiting our website or calling us at (732) 719-3196. If you live in the area, stop by and see us today.

    Hitting the Road with the Harley-Davidson Street

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Motorcycles were never meant to be left in the garage. That is why Harley-Davidson unleashed a new series of bikes that will have you craving the streets. Watch this video for a taste of what it feels like to hit the road with the Harley-Davidson Street.

    The Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500 were built for the road. A new, liquid-cooled engine allows your bike to perform at maximum capacity regardless of the temperature or the traffic conditions. These bikes offer excellent maneuverability, even at low speeds; this will take a little bit of the edge off when there is a jam separating you from the open road.

    Check out Harley-Davidson Street motorcycles at Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. We provide new and used bikes and parts in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, call us at (732) 719-3196 or visit our website today.

    Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

    Last updated 24 days ago

    A motorcycle is more than a way to get from place to place. Riding is a lifestyle, and maintaining your bike is part of the package. Here are a few essential motorcycle maintenance tips to keep your Harley-Davidson out on the open road.

    Stick to a Schedule

    One of the most important aspects of maintaining your Harley-Davidson is making sure you inspect it regularly. Certain parts of the bike need to be looked at more frequently than others, so keep track of when you perform your maintenance. Whereas your fork oil, air filter, and spark plugs only need to be changed once or twice per year, you should be checking your brake lines and engine oil every 3 months. Any time you hop on your Harley-Davidson, make sure your lights, indicators, tires, and brakes are all in working order. You may have to inspect all of these aspects sooner depending on your weather and environment.

    Talk to the Right Professionals

    If you are having problems with your bike, take it to a professional who specializes in your exact type of bike. For example, take your Harley-Davidson to a qualified Harley-Davidson technician with a proven background. This is the only way to ensure that your bike will be taken care of in exactly the way it requires. Your technician should be knowledgeable and experienced and know just how to diagnose and treat your problem.

    Purchase Quality Parts

    Different bikes need different parts in order to function optimally. Consult your manufacturer to find out what the best types of parts are for your bike. This is typically identified by the brand; Harley-Davidson parts are designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Do not buy cheaper parts or badly worn parts because they can cause your bike to malfunction which can result in much more expensive repairs.

    If you would like more motorcycle maintenance tips, talk to the professionals at Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. We provide the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas with new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles and parts. To learn more about our services, feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (732) 719-3196.

    A Look at the Brand New Boom! Audio System

    Last updated 1 month ago

    There is nothing quite like riding down miles of open highway while listening to the classic rock of 60s and 70s rebels. Unfortunately, not every bike comes equipped with a sound system that has louder pipes than your motorcycle; that’s where the Boom! Audio System comes in. Take a look at why you should add this system to your Harley-Davidson.

    Front Speakers

    The Boom! Audio Speakers will make sure that you get your music fix while you get your riding fix. The front speakers are designed to project your music loudly and crisply without sacrificing any mid frequencies or low end. Metal grills protect the speakers from inclement weather as well as the vibrations from your Harley-Davidson. The two front speakers are packaged with the protective metal grills, electronic crossovers, and plug-in wiring connection, complete with a two-year warranty.

    Lower Speakers

    If you are into the surround sound experience, you will want to supplement your front speakers with Boom! Audio Fairing Lower Speakers. Offering many decibels of extra volume and a minimal amount of extra weight on your Harley, these lower speakers can reduce distortion and allow you to get an incredibly clear sound at highway speeds. They also provide a little extra kick for those times when you feel like boosting up the bass. These speakers also come with a two-year warranty as well as installation hardware, a ported lower tray, and protective speaker grills.

    Rear Speakers

    Some riders need their rebel yell to be louder than any other. If this describes you, look into the Boom! Audio Rear Speaker Kit. With all of these pieces in place, you will turn your Harley-Davidson into your own audio haven. This kit comes with rear speakers and pods as well as passenger controls and a two-year warranty.

    For more information about the brand new Boom! Audio System, call Harley-Davidson of Ocean County at (732) 719-3196. We are New Jersey’s home for all things Harley-Davidson. If you would like to learn more about our new and used bikes and parts, feel free to visit our website today.

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