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How to Safely Brake in Corners

After you purchase a bike from the Harley dealership serving New Jersey, it will be your responsibility to learn how to be a safe and careful rider. By following some safe riding tips, you can keep your bike upright as you ride down the road. One of the most important elements of riding safety is to learn how to brake in corners. If you brake too aggressively, you could be at risk of spinning out. To get the most out of your braking, you should be sure to apply gentle pressure to the lever at the start of the corner. Light braking will help you take the corner smoothly and safely.

For more riding tips, contact Harley-Davidson of Ocean County by calling (732) 367-7000. Our Harley dealership carries a great inventory of new Harleys that you are sure to love riding. We look forward to helping you purchase your next bike.

Harley's Riding Academy

Nothing beats the thrill of taking a new bike for a spin off of the Harley dealership lot. In honor of U.S. Military and First Responders, Harley-Davidson is bringing riding thrills to our American heroes. With the Free Riding Academy, Harley is offering free motorcycle training to current and former U.S. Military personnel. Your Harley dealership serving New Jersey is sure to have more information about this great program. To learn more about the Free Riding Academy, check out this video from Harley-Davidson.

If you are shopping for new Harleys in New Jersey, look no further than Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Our top rated Harley dealership can help you trade in your bike for a thrilling new model. Call us at (732) 367-7000 to hear more about our trade-in program.

What 2016 Has in Store for the 2016 Harley Superlow

If you are planning on visiting a Harley Davidson shop in New Jersey, it is a great idea to explore all of the new Harleys that have been introduced for the 2016 model year. From sleek city cruisers to aggressive sport bikes, your Harley dealership is sure to have a variety of thrilling bikes for you to choose from. One of the most exciting new Harleys to come out this year is the 2016 Harley Superlow. Let’s get to know the comfortable and thrilling features of this new member of the Harley lineup.

Sleek Profile

The long and lean 2016 Superlow has been designed to allow you to get as close as possible to the pavement. With its low riding stance, this Harley bike will allow you to maneuver comfortably and accurately as you travel down the road. A fully updated saddle and suspension system will go the extra mile to keep you comfortable as you ride.

Thrilling Engine

The 2016 Superlow has been designed with the avid rider in mind. When you ride this new Harley model, you are sure to get a thrill out of its powerful, air-cooled V-Twin engine. This engine has been carefully crafted to provide you with an incredibly aggressive and powerful ride feel, whether you are on city streets or the open highway.

Authentic Good Looks

Harley has designed the 2016 Superlow to turn heads on the road. When designing this beautiful new bike, Harley drew its inspiration from the iconic and original 1957 Superlow. Today’s Superlow features a narrow frame and other features that are sure to get you noticed, wherever you ride.

To take the brand new 2016 Harley Superlow for a spin, come on down to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Our inventory of new and used Harleys is sure to include the perfect bike for your riding style. Call us at (732) 367-7000 to hear more about the bikes that we have in stock.

A Rider's Guide to Choosing a New Helmet

Shopping for a new bike at a Harley dealership serving New Jersey is a thrilling prospect for any rider. As you are shopping for new motorcycles, you may also want to consider purchasing new motorclothes. For example, your helmet is among the most essential pieces of safety equipment that you will wear, whenever you get on your bike. To help you stay safe and protected when you are out on the road, here is a look at an essential guide to choosing a new helmet.

Consider Your Riding Style

When you are shopping for a new helmet, it is important to consider your riding style. Different helmets are suited to the demands of varying riding conditions. For example, if you will be using your bike to commute on a daily basis, you may want to consider choosing a very comfortable and lightweight helmet.

Evaluate Different Features

As you are picking out a new helmet, you will have many different features to choose from. With the help of the sales team at your Harley dealership, you will be able to decide which features will be suited to your needs. For example, you may want to choose a helmet that features sun protection, wind reduction technology, or even a communication device.

Ask About Safety Ratings

The primary function of a helmet is to keep you safe as you ride. During the helmet shopping process, it is a great idea to ask about the safety ratings of all of the helmets that are available to you. In order to get the best protection from your helmet, you will want to choose a helmet that meets minimum safety standard requirements.

To get started on shopping for a new helmet, be sure to contact Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Our top rated dealership offers a fantastic selection of new Harleys, and we will help you pick out the best helmet for your rides. Call us at (732) 367-7000 to learn more about our current inventory.

Cornering Your Cruiser Bike

When you purchase a new cruiser from the Harley dealership in New Jersey, you may find that your bike takes a little bit of getting used to. Unlike a café racer, which places you in an aggressive stance, a cruiser bike will place you in a laid back position. One of the most important maneuvers to master in your new cruiser bike is cornering. In order to take a corner safely, you should make sure that you hit the brakes before you start to turn. Once you begin cornering, you can help maneuver your bike by hitting the accelerator slightly. As you turn, you will want to make your arc as wide as possible to avoid hitting a foot peg on the ground.

The team at Harley Davidson of Ocean County will be thrilled to help you purchase a new Harley Davidson for sale. From new Harleys to motorclothes and more, we have the equipment you need to be a safe and stylish rider. Call us at (732) 367-7000 to set up a test ride today.

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