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Meet the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500

When you visit the Harley Davidson Shop near New Jersey, you will have a fantastic lineup of brand new bikes to choose from. One of the most thrilling new members of the Harley lineup is the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500. This exceptional bike offers blistering performance and bold style. When you trade in your bike for the new Street 500, you are sure to inspire envy in other riders on the road. Here is a look at what you can expect from the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500.

Liquid-Cooled Engine

Harley has engineered the 2015 Street 500 with a brand new liquid-cooled engine. This Revolution X engine has been specifically designed optimally in hot temperatures and under heavy traffic conditions. With its liquid-cooled technology, this engine is able to provide you with great responsiveness, even under challenging driving conditions. When you ride the Street 500, you are sure to be impressed with the cool power of this engine.

Six Speed Transmission

To complement the all new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine, Harley has designed the Street 500 with a finely tuned six-speed transmission. This transmission offers smooth and seamless shifting abilities, which will ensure that you have a pleasurable ride feel. When you are out on the highway, the sixth available gear will allow you to cruise for miles.

Mid-Mount Controls

When you ride the 2015 Street 500, you are sure to enjoy the exceptional comfort that is offered by their mid-mount controls. This riding position has been specifically engineered with the urban rider in mind. By placing you in a confident and comfortable riding stance, this configuration will allow you to get the most out of every ride.

To take the 2015 Street 500 for a spin, be sure to take a trip to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. Our Harley dealership carries an outstanding inventory of new Harleys, and we can also provide you with all of the maintenance you need to keep your Harley in peak riding condition. For more information about the bikes that we currently have in stock, call us at (732) 367-7000.

Choosing Between a New or Used Harley

When you are shopping for a Harley Davidson for sale near New Jersey, you will need to decide between an inventory of new and used Harleys. While a brand new Harley will give you the ultimate thrill when you leave the dealership, a used Harley Davidson may also be perfectly suited to your needs. Here is a look at some factors to keep in mind when you are choosing between a new or used Harley.


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing between a new or a used Harley Davidson. When you purchase a used bike, you may be able to get a great deal on a high quality Harley. If you are considering the purchase of a brand new Harley, there are also ways to fit your purchase into your budget. For example, you can trade in your bike towards the cost of a brand new motorcycle.


Maintenance is another factor that you will need to think about when you purchase a new or used Harley. By purchasing a brand new bike, you can rest assured that your motorcycle will require low maintenance for many miles on the road. By contrast, a used bike may require a little extra maintenance in order to become tuned to your specifications.


Today’s Harley Davidson motorcycles are equipped with incredibly innovative technology and features. From enhanced performance equipment to premium sound systems and more, there are a variety of features that you can include on your brand new bike. If having the latest technology is important to you, you may want to buy a new Harley.

Whether you are shopping for a new or used Harley in New Jersey, Harley Davidson of Ocean County can help you purchase the bike of your dreams. Along with our quality bike sales, we also offer a great inventory of safe clothing for motorcycles. To hear more about our current inventory, call us at (732) 367-7000.

Key Features of the 2015 Road Glide Special

2015 road glide

The 2015 Road Glide Special is one of the newest models to come out of Project Rushmore. With enough infotainment to rival any car on the market, you can find voice recognition and Bluetooth technology, a USB port to plug in your phone to the Jukebox, a 6.5 inch touch screen display, and more. You can also find upgrades to the classic design that has made Harley-Davidson a symbol of style and craftsmanship for over 100 years. For example, with the new Dual Daymaker Reflector LED Headlamps, you can put on the high beams and ride the Road Glide Special through the night. The handle bars are almost six inches closer to the rider, which means you will not have to lean forward as much when taking it out for an extended cruise. One of the significant style features on the Road Glide Special are the bullet turn signals that give the bike a sleek finishing look, but still provide the iconic aesthetic that Harley enthusiasts love.

Schedule a test ride with the 2015 Road Glide Special at Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. You can find out more about all of the key features from our knowledgeable staff. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, we also serve Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and other cities in the Tri-State area. Call us at (732) 367-7000 for more information.

Iconic Harleys of the Silver Screen [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to movies and motorcycles, there are perhaps no iconic bikes that have been featured in as many films as Harley-Davidsons. It takes a lot of work and a little bit of magic to make movies happen, and Harleys give certain films legendary status. Easy Rider, a 1969 classic starring Peter Fonda, features a 1951 Panhead chopper that’s one of the most recognizable motorcycles in film history. Unfortunately, the original bike was destroyed in a fire in 2010. You’ll also see Harley-Davidsons in such classic films as The Wild One, in which Lee Marvin is the rider, and Pulp Fiction, where Bruce Willis rides off on a 1986 customized FXR Super Glide named Grace. Take a look at this infographic for a look at more iconic Harley-Davidsons that have graced the big screen, and visit your New Jersey motorcycle dealer to experience the legend for yourself. Please share with your friends and family.


Unveiling the 2015 Road Glide

The 2015 Road Glide is yet another addition to the stable of unrivaled motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson. It has the all-new Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS to ensure that you will not have to concern yourself with locked up tires again. As a part of Project Rushmore, the Road Glide has a newly designed steering head and front forks that allow for an easy ride no matter the angle of the turn. Watch this video to see more of the 2015 Road Glide.

At Harley-Davidson of Ocean County, you can find the 2015 Road Glide and wide variety of other new and used motorcycles. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, we serve Long Branch, Levittown, and other cities in the Tri-State area. Call us today at (732) 367-7000 to find out more about special financing, scheduling a test ride, and more.

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